With constant development, technological know-how and state of the art high frequency welding technology, since 2011, we have created a position as one of the most advanced manufacturers in the field of specialty textile products made from PVC coated textiles.

The mission of our company is to fulfil customer expectations, create long-term partnerships, take care of employee personal growth, enable progress and development of the social environment and provide employees with economic and social security.

The goal of the company is business excellence – the production of products with new technology in the way of “Old School – hand made”, the prevention of environmental pollution and satisfied customers, employees, local community and owners.

What we do

  • Special agricultural protective sheets – certified for agricultural use
  • Special products for hospital use, nursing homes, funeral homes… – with antibacterial and anti-allergic certification
  • bladders for pneumatic presses, water storage…- certified for use in the food industry
  • dust-proof bellows/tunnels – with or without rings – certified for the food industry, antistatic and heat resistant
  • Compensators – textile extensions – antistatic, food grade quality, oil/gasoline proof…
  • specialised products for sports activities in schools, kindergartens and gyms (pillows, protective bags, boxing bags…)
  • Agility training tunnels for dogs
  • various custom covers (for boats, swimming pools)
  • wind protection – screens
  • training gear for firefighters
  • CNC cutting of sheets/templates according to customer plans

Get in touch

LAZAR-IND d.o.o.

Address: Gorenje 44, 1332 Stara Cerkev, Slovenija

Telephone: ++386 (0)1 895 46 54; ++386 (0)41 811 725; ++386 (0)41 544 311;

E-mail: info@lazar-ind.com